Dr Lachlan Blackhall will lead the Australian National University and ACT government’s $8 million Battery Storage and Grid Integration program.

Dr Blackhall is co-founder and former chief technical officer of Reposit Power, where he pioneered the development of distributed control systems to monitor, optimise and control grid-connected energy storage.

The new position will see Dr Blackhall lead the international research program to improve ways to integrate battery storage with the electricity grid.

Lachlan brings with him a wealth of experience in the clean energy industry as well as many years in academia, and we look forward to his leadership in this vital area,” ANU Energy Change Institute director Professor Ken Baldwinsaid.

Dr Blackhall said the government and ANU were showing leadership in the battery storage space. 

“I am thrilled to be joining the ANU in this new role and I am excited to be leading this new program that will be designing and implementing the building blocks for powering our future electricity system with battery storage,” he said.

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