Jeanette Brokman at our Surround Sound on sustainable precincts

The Better Planning Network, a long time thorn in the side of the NSW Government’s planning agenda, is searching for a new convenor after Jeanette Brokman stepped down from the role today (Tuesday).

The government need not relax, however. Corinne Fisher who led the group during the fierce battles to dump the planning reforms until she stood down in 2014, is back with BPN. This time though, it’s as a member of the “leadership group”, she told The Fifth Estate.

Brokman, who said she was taking a much-needed break, has started a new Facebook page to keep tabs on planning issues. The page is called Greater Sydney Community, a tongue in cheek reference no doubt to the Greater Sydney Commission, which recently released its draft district plans.

In an email on Tuesday Ms Brokman said, “As many of you know I’ve stepped back from BPN to take a much needed break.”

“To help me adjust, rather than completely miss my passion – about better planning for our city – I’ve set up a [Facebook] page to chat online. The page has just been set up and is ready to share ideas and thoughts, including suggestions you may have about the recently released ‘draft’ district plans.”

It would be non-political, she said (perhaps hopefully).

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