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  • Senior Consultant – Better Cities
  • Flexible working arrangements (contractor/ casual/ part-time/ full-time)
  • Start: MAR 2019


HIP V. HYPE Sustainability‘s Better Cities team is a leading provider in design-led advice and support to drive effective integration of environmental, social and economic sustainability into the built environment. Working at the precinct, municipal and city scale, we partner with public and private sector clients seeking to create long-term change.

The Better Cities Senior Consultant will apply technical and project management skills and analytical frameworks to support the Better Cities team to provide advice of tangible value in the context of the built environment.

This role is focused on three main areas:

  1. Deliver meaningful and impactful work across the Better Cities team, driving integrated outcomes by combining evidence-based analysis with high-quality, interactive participatory process to deliver impact on environmental, social and economic systems.
  2. Evolve the offering of HIP V. HYPE by asking deep questions and challenging conventional thinking.
  3. Actively develop and maintain collaborative relationships across the industry, and through these explore and create opportunities to deliver meaningful work with a network of clients and collaborators with aligned values.



  • Deep alignment with our values and an active interest in design and sustainability is essential for any of Our People.
  • A relevant qualification in Engineering, Environmental Science or related discipline.
  • Extensive project management experience with a strong client/ partner focus.
  • An established network of clients and industry collaborators, and proven client relationship management skills.
  • Strong technical skills and knowledge of subject matter related to climate change and sustainability.
  • Great written and verbal communication skills with strong capacity to understand and work effectively within the commercial parameters of project deliver.
  • Ability to think logically, analyse and assess opportunities and risks and identify solutions and outcomes.


  • High level proficiency at some or all of the following technical subject matter areas: climate risk/ resilience/ adaptation, climate mitigation, water sensitive urban design, sustainable servicing strategies, sustainable infrastructure, ecological design, precinct or community scale energy supply.
  • Understanding of planning policy and local, state and federal policy on sustainability in cities and the built environment.
    Industry accreditations such as Green Star, OPL, LBC.
  • Experience in business model and case development.
  • A strong understanding of design thinking principles, and an ability to understand and adopt a design-led approach to problem solving and project management.
  • Proficient in using InDesign, Microsoft Office, and project management software with an ability to learn new applications quickly.



  • Work collaboratively with clients to define project priorities and how the team can best work together.
  • Lead and deliver integrated projects that add value across multiple scales, from the individual to the community, city and broader ecosystem.
  • Lead client workshops and meetings with the clear goal of being an enabler of a productive process that achieves strong sustainability outcomes while meeting other project objectives.
  • Lead project planning, budgeting and resource planning.


  • Undertake and manage technical analysis and report writing, maintaining a very strong focus on the quality and presentation of our work.
  • Through project delivery develop capacity in others (team members, clients, partners) to create the conditions to more effectively deliver holistic, integrated outcomes.
  • Manage technical oversight and quality assurance for project delivery, integrating a technical, evidence-based approach (and associated predictive measures) with vision and narrative.
  • Integrate technical, creative uses of engineering design with principles-based approaches to development and community planning.


  • Through authentic, deep-collaboration build relationships with strategic partners and develop opportunities for work focused on integrated approaches to sustainability that enable communities and cities to thrive.
  • Undertake proposal drafting, budgeting and resource planning.
  • Represent HIP V. HYPE Sustainability at industry events, in media and other public appearances.


Identify, foster and lead opportunities to conduct research that encourages integrated approaches to sustainability, and development across multiple scales (from individual, to building, community, city and beyond)


  • We believe in the power of a collaborative, design led approach.
  • We believe in building relationships.
  • We believe in the potential of smart, thoughtful and passionate people who are driven to achieve better.
  • Our aim is to remain agile and open-minded to facilitate an environment that enables our people to pursue relevant and meaningful purpose driven work.
  • We will not compromise on our values:
  • Continuity and Authenticity is everything: say what you mean and mean what you say.
  • We don’t want to be interesting, we want to be good.
  • We seek work that is meaningful, evidence-based and challenges the status quo – “it’s more fun being a pirate than joining the navy”.
  • We acknowledge effort, share success and act with compassion: We collaborate, we don’t compete.
  • We question everything and always seek to understand – WHY.
  • We don’t believe the Hype.
  • We always seek to be better and to do better.
  • And importantly, we take our work seriously, not ourselves…!

Interested? Shoot through a one-pager describing yourself and why you’d like to work with us along with your CV to wedeservebetter@hipvhype.com


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