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Victorian government gives EUAs a boost

Victoria’s commercial buildings will get a boost to their sustainability potential following the announcement of a new collaboration between the state government and the Sustainable Melbourne Fund. The program involves help to take up Environmental Upgrade Agreements, the benefits of which include reduced energy costs and emissions. Energy, environment and climate change minister Lily D’Ambrosio […]

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How energy retrofits are getting easier

The retrofitting game is getting easier. The price of technology and energy-efficient plant trending down in response to growing demand, finance models such as Environmental Upgrade Agreements are resolving the split incentive barrier and state and territory governments are inspiring action and competition with each other. It’s just as well, according to Matthew Lee, regional […]

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At last: EUAs to go state-wide in Victoria

Victoria’s state government has announced it will introduce legislation that will extend Environmental Upgrade Agreements to every Victorian councils. The agreements, which finance upgrades through a council rates-based financing mechanism, are currently only available within the City of Melbourne and the industry has pushed long and hard to have these mechanisms extended. The Local Government […]

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Iconic Readers Digest Building gets an EUA for energy efficiency overhaul

UPDATED 16 June 2015 – A fourth Environmental Upgrade Agreement in City of Sydney was signed this week, to fund a $1.2 million energy efficiency infrastructure upgrade for the historic Readers Digest Building in Surry Hills. The upgrade will be done by NuGreen Solutions and PM Fox with support from AG Coombs and Lumex and is expected […]

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News from the front desk: Issue No 227 – On tides turning our way

On tides turning our way The tide is turning and heading our way. It’s now unmistakable.The mood on sustainability has lifted in Victoria, there’s a chirpiness around Queensland, and South Australia has some good news to report on energy efficiency, social housing and green ambitions that include making Adelaide carbon neutral. Along the east coast […]

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Federal and state energy policies: the local government perspective (aka what will Clive do next?)

By Alexi Lynch, Ironbark Sustainability

1 July 2014 — There has been a lot of discussion in council land about the impact of the (relatively) new federal government, the near-coast-to-coast Coalition state governments (the exceptions being South Australia and ACT) and the impact on energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and investment.