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The price of building materials is up, but not yet enough to benefit greener options

The cost of building materials is steadily rising as Covid continues to impact supply chains, with some key materials expected to increase by 40 per cent in some areas.  According to Matt Billingham, Australian real estate lead at global consultancy Turner & Townsend, between 2020-21, the price of steel in Sydney has already risen 10 […]

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The health sector can help get us to net zero with a “win win” pathway

The Australian health sector is embarking on a period of rapid innovation and reform, driven by the disruptive innovation arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. This reform should include keeping pace with the transition to environmental social governance-driven strategies and operating models we see globally. The health impacts of climate change are increasingly evident and immediate. They have […]

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Victorian government gives EUAs a boost

Victoria’s commercial buildings will get a boost to their sustainability potential following the announcement of a new collaboration between the state government and the Sustainable Melbourne Fund. The program involves help to take up Environmental Upgrade Agreements, the benefits of which include reduced energy costs and emissions. Energy, environment and climate change minister Lily D’Ambrosio […]

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How to make resilience attractive to investors

About US$140-300 billion a year will need to be invested globally to adapt to the effects of climate change, but where will the money come from and is the government doing anything to create the incentives that will motivate private investment in the area? These are the issues raised by the Investor Group on Climate […]

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How energy retrofits are getting easier

The retrofitting game is getting easier. The price of technology and energy-efficient plant trending down in response to growing demand, finance models such as Environmental Upgrade Agreements are resolving the split incentive barrier and state and territory governments are inspiring action and competition with each other. It’s just as well, according to Matthew Lee, regional […]