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There’s a message in the stars – how ratings systems and lifecycle tools treat timber

While the many benefits of timber products are recognised in a range of ways by rating tools and analysis, there will always be room for improvement. Some systems take a holistic view of timber, considering aesthetics, social benefits and carbon sequestration, while others focus only on its environmental impact as a material. One thing all […]

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News from the front desk: Issue No 89

Bad news on building products, plugging up the rabbit holes, and calls to change the EUA rules in Victoria 16 February 2012 – The Building Products Life Cycle Inventory goes to the heart of the sustainable property industry: the understanding and measurement of the life cycle impact of building materials. It’s in trouble. In this […]

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PVC: a view from New Zealand technical experts

6 May 2011 – Following is an extract on PVC from the  New Zealand Ecolabelling Trust for its proposed licence criteria for interior lining products for buildings, published last year. Environmental and health concerns about PVC 9,10,11, There are a number of concerns about PVC, including: the use of chlorine. PVC production is the largest […]

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The Building Products Innovation Council’s Life Cycle Inventory raises the bar

11 March 2011 – Updated 7 April 2011 – The bar for sustainable construction has just been raised. Australia now has the first scientifically reliable and independently validated database for life cycle assessment of building products and its developers say the impact will be impressive. The Building Products Innovation Council’s Life Cycle Inventory, flagged by […]