We spend so much time in our workplaces it’s almost embarrassing. We arrive early, leave late, eat, exercise and shower there, and sometimes make our most important friends there. So these spaces are designed, built and managed can have a big impact on our health and well being.

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No wonder the audience at our recent Happy Healthy Offices event in Sydney was so riveted with the content. 

Of course we had the best speakers. Reading back now over the transcripts I realise how good and insightful they were. There’s so much you miss on the day, especially if you’re an organiser.

Tone Wheeler set the tone – and with no fear or favour let us know some home truths about sustainability. How we got into the mess we’re in with sealed high rise buildings that absolutely need conditioned air, to his later challenge on why are we not focusing on the “other” in buildings, or the far from glamorous non commercial spaces such as the Amazon warehouses that process the deliveries of our convenient online shopping.

Tech was next with some fabulous/fascinating/scary views into what’s here now in terms of emotional tech, the tech that means your lift stops on the floor you need for your meeting because it’s read your diary, the tech that helps owners run their buildings more efficiently and more sustainability and the tech that is quite frankly a tad invasive. So do we really believe they mash up all the results and our particular data can’t be unwound and viewed?

Tica Hessing from Cushman & Wakefield, Craig Rodgers from Charter Hall and Bruce Duyshart from Meld Strategies had us all glued.

Kellie Payne from Bates Smart challenged us deeply on the human side of a good working environment, describing one project where her team tried to devise clusters of work spaces for the number of friends we are able to deal with in a meaningful way. Forget the hundreds or thousands on Facebook; the real number is about 150.

Adam Garnys from CETEC, one of our sponsors, had some startling realities to share about our offices including that even low level pollution can cause dementia. The stories about mould and other pathogens are fascinating, all those invisible nasties that can attach to us and “get under our skin”, so to speak, means we can’t take clean air for granted. 

And Anthony Marklund from Floth, joining us for a second year as sponsor, backed up the health angle with his take on WELL building standard, reminding us of our human requirements for water, for instance, if we want to function properly. That organic human side of our interaction with workplaces is exactly what WELL is about, he says. 

Then, once again, we held our investor panel and this was a ripper. So many people just love this regular session we hold and this was no exception. It’s about what the people with the money decide to invest in and why. And who doesn’t want to know that? There were fabulous insights from Liam Timms of Lendlease, Marcus Hanlon from ISPT and Paul Edwards from Mirvac. 

Invest some time to read all our content. It will reward and empower you in the – let’s face it – years you will spend in your office, or other type of workplace. 

Huge thanks to our lead sponsor Zenith Interiors, and supporting sponsors Flothand CETEC.

To our venue sponsors Corrs Chambers Westgarth who went the extra mile to make sure all everyone was happy, also big thanks.  

And last but not least big big thanks to our fabulous moderator Ben Peacock from Republic of Everyone. Once again striking the “just right” note and providing a fabulous summing up.

Tina Perinotto
Managing editor and publisher
The Fifth Estate

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