On the back of Urban Greening, our most successful, exciting and breakthrough event ever, The Fifth Estate is lining up to bring you more projects designed to galvanise aspirational ambitions.

If you’re one of the many people who’ve recently discovered our pages and sent our hits soaring you’ll soon realise our events and projects are all about big leadership and enormous targets in sustainability.

Coming up soon:

The Urban Greening ebook 

This is the long-form edited transcript of what happened at the event plus additional articles on this important topic.

You can still take a sponsorship position here. Loads to choose from.

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Extreme Green Buildings ebook

This will be a “Who’s Who” of the people and organisations leading radical retrofit and innovation in the carbon profile of building and property portfolios – in two parts:

  • energy efficiency and electrification, and
  • embodied carbon.

We will bring you:

  • an assembly of the best and bravest work in this space across Australia and anywhere else that’s doing great 
  • a resource guide for the parts of the industry that need all our help to join the leaders and get across the line
  • interviews and profiles the most innovative leaders in consulting and investment
  • solid case studies and robust research with bite 

If you are an advertiser or supporter, we can promise you the Extreme Green Buildings ebook will be the “go-to” resource for your current and potential clients. It will be an indispensable guide to the leadership and innovation under way to decarbonise buildings.

The ebook is supported by the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water, lead sponsor Built, and supporting sponsor A.G. Coombs. 

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These special projects are how we fund our work at The Fifth Estate, so dig deep and help us make this the most exciting and creative way to reach your target market. At the same time, you will help keep this critical industry publication stay strong AND grow. 

Tomorrowland 22 event

Our signature event is 27 October, Sydney.

This year the theme is: Hello Future! You’ve arrived early.

If you want to be part of the next big event that galvanises change and our moonshot ambitions, don’t miss out on staking a leadership position in Tomorrowland.

You will hear deep dives and stretch targets on five key themes:

  1. People Place Country: How Indigenous thinking needs to drive our resilience and sense of place
  2.  Circle of Life: How technology, natural and human-created, need to underpin new building design, materials and circularity 
  3. Cities precincts and housing: “My place, My hood” – where and how we will live, work and play
  4. Trains, planes, automobiles and annoying flying things: “I move around, therefore I am.”
  5. Governance, government, investment: Where we bring together the people who make the decisions, and find out – do we agree? 

Networking drinks: unleash amazing power of human collaboration, riff off the energy-intensity of the day’s great ideas by connecting to the people that might just change your life.

Itching to be a sponsor on this event? Call Abdul on 0433 159 345 or send him a note: Abdul@thefifthestate.com.au

For more information call 02 808 42291.

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