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Tomorrowland 2018 will be at the Baker McKenzie offices, Barangaroo, Sydney

This is your chance to hear what the experts have in mind for our urban future… and maybe influence what they do

Excitement is building fast now, with less than a month to go till Tomorrowland 2018, on 6 September at the Baker McKenzie offices at Barangaroo in Sydney.

This week we’ve announced even more speakers and panellists. Together they make a rare line-up of influence and creative thinking, an amazing combination when you think about it. These are the people who are building our urban future, the ones pushing the boundaries with their dreams and aspirations and determination to challenge barriers standing in the way of better outcomes for all of us. They’re not always quiet achievers. Some are bursting with energy and ideas that are totally infectious.

Terry Leckie

People like Terry Leckie at Flow Systems. Our new journo Poppy Johnston and I interviewed Terry to see what he’d been up to since he was a lead member of our Sustainable Precincts Surround Sound in 2015. Plenty, it turns out. Terry, to anyone who knows him, is a man of big ideas and huge determination. He’s been beavering away on alternative water and energy systems for years – energy microgrids in particular – prodding away at the energy authorities to change their stance. Now, it seems, things are shifting. Leckie has so much to share and he’s working up a storm for Tomorrowland. We’ll bring you more on this next week as our “early reveal”. We can’t wait.

Another speaker we’re delighted to announce is the fabulous Alice Thompson who is clearly a force of nature and a talent to watch. Closely.

I had a great briefing with Alice on one of those windy July days, outdoors facing the harbour, just around the corner from the KPMG offices at Barangaroo, where she is cities director. Alice had just trained out west and back to deal with Badgerys Creek airport issues and wanted to enjoy some bracing fresh air. Her energy was infectious. By the end of the meeting it was clear we

Alice Thompson

absolutely needed to get her along. There would have to be few people with the broad background she brings to the party. Not just an environmental science background, which means she’s across our patch, but federal, state, local government and infrastructure issues.

Alice was previously in the prime minister’s department as senior advisor on cities, infrastructure, transport and local government where she played a strong role in advising the federal government on Sydney’s new airport and on its smart cities agenda. She’s also been economic development director in the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, and a director in Infrastructure Australia.  So if it’s complex systems that drive better outcomes in our urban future, Alice would have to be one of the people who understand better than most how the threads and levers can knit (instead of knock) together.

Rob Harley

Robert Harley is another great addition to our line up. As former long-term property editor at The Australian Financial Review, Rob is hugely respected – one, because he’s a great writer, and another, because he knows about investment drivers and how the property investment sector thinks and acts. In our investor panel, Rob will help with to tease out what drives the thinking of the big property owners and what will influence them to tip, even more, our way, into highly logical and sustainable decision-making.

What will a brilliant new precinct look like in five years?

Haico Schepers

Haico Schepers, principal building physics at Arup, is another exciting addition to the speaker line up. Haico will be delving into the notion of precincts and how to make them excellent. And we know Haico will be inspirational and challenging, as always.

Precincts will be a big focus of the event. Will the precincts being designed now be based on fully renewable energy? Will they be off-grid or still connected so that occupants and residents can sell surplus clean energy and slash power costs? How will they prepare for future heat stresses from climate change? How will biomimicry likely influence their design?

Already announced are outright leaders in their fields, including James Murray-Parkes from Brookfield Scientific Solutions. See the article on him here: If the future is biomimicry, Brookfield’s James Murray-Parkes has already arrived

Tomorrowland is your chance to hear what our urban future designers and deliverers are thinking. And to let them know what we think.

Don’t miss out. The Baker McKenzie space is wonderful, with massive views over Sydney, but it’s limited and we don’t want to disappoint potential attendees at the last minute! Early bird tickets are now $325, with costs going to the regular $395 on 17 August.

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Sponsors: Huge thanks to co-lead sponsors Arup and Landcom and to supporting sponsors Bates Smart and Flow Systems.

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