No wonder the audience at our recent Happy Healthy Offices event in Sydney was so riveted with the content.

Of course we had the best speakers. Reading back now over the transcripts I realise how good and insightful they were. There’s so much you miss on the day, especially if you’re an organiser.

Here’s a handy link to all our speaker presentation and panel discussion: 

Tone Wheeler: Australia’s great innovation and poor implementation

Tica Hessing: Workplace technology gets personal

Technology: Fast track to the future – panel

Kellie Payne: Designing workplaces that matter

Wellness in workplaces – panel

Adam Garnys: Encouraging a healthy work environment

Anthony Marklund: Things you need to know about the WELL building standard

How to fight the hidden villains in our workplaces – panel

Investor inquisition – where the investors are putting their money and why

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