A selection of photos from our Printed City event on Thursday night at BVN headquarters in Sydney. With over 100 industry experts in attendance the open mic format saw discussion flow about how to get new innovative and green products to the difficult commercialisation phase. A massive thanks to all who came, particularly our amazing panellists and sponsor, BVN. More photos and insights from the event to come!

Matthew Blair, BVN; Tim Schork, UTS, Elizabeth Mossop, UTS
The 3D printer captivated more than a few guests
This event is asking the audience to give something back to the inventors and help give shape to a better eco system for commercialisation. Tina Perinotto, The Fifth Estate, sets the agenda for the evening.
Matthew Blair, BVN
Matthew Blair, BVN on why the SR2 was invented
Matt Williams, LCI

Veena Sahajwalla, UNSW
Jehoen Son, Lendlease
Jeremy Gill, SGC Economics and Planning

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