The NABERS Creative Stars Competition

– A Collaboration between The Fifth Estate and NABERS

Bookings have now closed. 

Waiting list only is now available. Please get in touch if you are interested to attend this event in another city.  Enquiries – Ph: 02 808 42291 

The big property owners are doing great work when it comes to green buildings. But imagine the impact if they communicated their efforts in ways that are as bold, elegant and exciting as their buildings.

So let’s hold a workshop to learn the advertising and marketing secrets of how to do that. Think Gruen Transfer for Sustainability or Mad Men (and women) for the Planet.

We’ll ask the gurus to step us through how to turn heads (and minds).

We’ve teamed with NABERS for this project, so we’ll shape the workshop around promoting NABERS ratings for energy, indoor air quality, water and waste. We’ll use the new NABERS Marketing Toolkit to guide the way.

Target the staff, the occupants

What’s the best way through to a corporate tenant’s heart? How can we get cut through?

One way is through their most valuable asset, their staff. These are the building occupants who spend most of their waking hours inside our city offices. 

Compete to win 339953351

This industry is often praised for its collaboration mixed with a healthy spirit of competition. Let’s use this spirit of “co-opetition”.

Bring along a team of three or four people, from leasing, marketing or sales. Go upscale to management. As part of the session you’ll be invited to create your own marketing concept.

So bring a laptop or use our pens and paper.

We’ll pick a winner together and you can enter your idea in a new national competition, with winners to be announced at a networking event next year.

Cheat sheet 
The gurus will stick around to help with your ideas. And there will be instant bonus points for dressing Mad Men style, (clunky brief case, fake cigarettes, hanky in top pocket – see here for ideas.)

Our presenters

We’ve invited some of the best minds in the business of influence – the creatives in strategy, marketing, advertising and design – to share their secrets and techniques at our workshop. And some from the property world who know the product back to front. Our presenters will include:


Howard Parry-Husbands of Pollinate who will lead the workshop. Howard specialises in how to manage consumer behaviour change and influence positive transformations. Clients range from SBS, Lendlease and David Jones to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, City of Sydney, Planet Ark and the Department of Health. Howard’s particular expertise is in researching identity, placemaking and the built environment. He’s a director Social Soup, Australia’s leading influencer marketing platform, and non-executive director of Planet Ark.

Gabrielle McMillan is founding chief executive of Equiem, co-founded by Lorenz Grollo as a platform for property owners to engage with their tenants and provides services such as digital concierge, news, events and other value-adding amenities to tenants; Equiem Onsite is a “next-generation “community managers”, Equiem Engage is a market-leading engagement strategy to foster active and loyal communities.

Craig Roussac is founder of Buildings Alive which works with many of Australia’s leading property owners and operators to help them optimise the resource efficiency of their buildings. He previously worked at Investa Property Group and is Fulbright Scholar spending much of 2014 at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California, where he contributed to research focused on reducing energy use in buildings by combining technologies and non-technological factors.

The details

Space is limited so book early

Date: Wednesday 23 November


Time: 8am – 11am

Venue: Hosted by Mirvac at its new HQ at 200 George, Street Sydney (Thanks Mirvac!)

Purpose: To engage and entice the occupants (staff) in our of CBD buildings to demand greener buildiings of the CEOs. And to make 5 Star NABERS as fabulous and aspirational as a 5 Star Hotel rating

Who: Industry teams of 3-4 people per café style table with a competition for best concept on the day  (assisted by roving creatives)

Promise: Loads of fun and great coverage in The Fifth Estate, with photos and follow up articles on this challeng that will run over coming months. PLUS a networking event to celebrate the campaign and national competition winners.

Cheat sheet: Instant points for Mad Men attire of any sort (fake cigarette, Martini glasse, 60s handbag, clunky briefcase, 60s tie, handkerchief in top pocket) see here for ideas

Entry cost: $95 per table to be donated to Beyond Zero Emissions, which does great work in the built environment (Eventbrite fees to be deducted.)

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