Video: In interview with The Fifth Estate, Moreland Energy Foundation chief executive Alison Rowe said MEFL was getting into Environmental Upgrade Agreements, with the first recently signed for local business Otto and Spike. This will see a 30-kilowatt solar system installed on the roof – spelling out the business’s name with 111 panels. 

“It’s made a massive difference. It’s a 4.2 years payback. It’s going to save them a significant amount of money on their energy bill.” 

MEFL is also expanding its activities across Victoria and into NSW. One project involves retrofitting 2500 social housing properties across the whole of Victoria.  

MEFL’s working with 16 Victorian councils and 10 in NSW to deliver services such as bulk-buy solar and draught-proofing for homes. 

“We feel it’s a social obligation to start to share and grow and deliver that impact elsewhere to solve the bigger issues,” she says on the video. 

Rowe’s plan is for “50 MEFL’s across Australia”, with a shared services back-end support system to avoid duplicating costs. 

This is being piloted through a new organisation called the Energy Foundation Australia.

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