One Central Park. Image: Murray Fredericks

Frasers Property and Sekisui House’s One Central Park development in Sydney has been announced as winner of the International Green Infrastructure Award as part of the World Green Infrastructure Congress being held in Sydney from Wednesday.

The award, to be presented to Frasers chairman Dr Stanley Quek, has been judged on “how a development replaces the natural footprint while creating a green node in the urban environment which can be linked to green corridors through a city”.

One Central Park’s innovative green wall system was key to it winning the award.

“Its vegetated systems are more than ‘green bling’ and provide new habitat for flora and fauna, improve building thermal efficiency, improve air quality, harvest storm water, provide biophilia, reduce noise pollution and mitigate the impacts of urban heat island effects,” a WGIC statement said.

“The incorporation of urban green infrastructure is a global trend, which has become a rapidly expanding industry,” chairman of WGIC2014 Matthew Dillon said.

He said architecture syncing with landscape architecture was an effective response to mitigating climate change impacts, and also enhanced the urban environment and responded to consumer demand for greater environmental sustainability.

The World Green Infrastructure Congress brings together international academics and professionals to share knowledge on research, technological developments and areas of application in the fields of green roofs, living walls and urban landscape design.