15 April 2014 — A new book on the practical legal implications of wild law is set to be launched in Brisbane.

Wild law was coined by author and environmental law professional Cormac Cullinan to refer to human laws consistent with Earth jurisprudence, an emerging philosophy of law that seeks to provide the foundation for a radical shift in law and governance from an exclusive focus on human beings to recognition of human interconnectedness with the comprehensive Earth community.

A wild law is a one made to regulate human behaviour so that the integrity of Earth’s ecosystems are maintained in the long term, over the interests of any one species, including humans.

Wild Law – In Practice, an edited collection by Michelle Maloney and Dr Peter Burdon, addresses a range of topics including the effectiveness of environmental law, the practical implementation of the rights of nature, the role of civil society in transforming law and governance, limits to growth and the connections between animal law and Earth jurisprudence.

Editor and author Michelle Maloney will join Australian Conservation Foundation president Professor Ian Lowe and a number of contributing authors to discuss the issues raised by Earth jurisprudence.

Details here.