In what seems to be a growing trend by property developers, local group HPG Australia has partnered with the Sydney Fringe festival to provide office space within their disused Sydney Park development during the 2017 festival run.

The 7000 square meters of empty warehouse space will become the Festival’s administration headquarters during the development’s approval process for a project that has been earmarked for low-rise premium apartments. The site is set to be demolished at the end of the year.

HPG’s Managing Director, Dr Adrian Liu, said the Sydney Fringe festival was a natural fit for HPG as it embodies the principles that the company aims to deliver at its new precinct at Sydney Park.

“By initiating this collaboration, we have established a unique model of utilising otherwise disused development sites for cultural activations during the lengthy development approval process, and I would encourage our developer colleagues to also consider following suit.

The partnership will provide the surrounding communities with live performances and art exhibitions ranging from rehearsals by the Australian Youth Orchestra, through to collaborations by international street and Indigenous artists who are merging digital art with traditional content.

Festival director and chief executive, Kerri Glasscock, said “we welcomed our new partnership with HPG with open arms as it provides an invaluable opportunity for us to help contain costs previously borne by having to use multiple pop-up spaces around Sydney’s CBD and the Inner West.”

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