IN BRIEF: ISO 20400 has released a free, comprehensive guide to promoting sustainability in Australian procurement.

The document, titled Building the Business Case for Sustainable Procurement in Australia – 2019 Edition, aims to give sustainable procurement champions the tools to implement impactful business practices within their organisations and among their peers. 

The document provides insights into sustainability issues at the global and Australian levels. It gives examples of organisational threats and opportunities for seven featured issues – organisational governance; the environment; human rights; labour practices;  community involvement and development; fair operating practices; and consumer issues – as well as suggesting useful links, resources and case studies for further insights.

Overall, it aims to provide readers with the knowledge and relevant examples necessary to champion sustainable, ethical practices within the industry.  

“We are confident that this guide will provide you with the foundations to building an effective sustainable procurement business case,” said ISO 20400. 

Building the Business Case for Sustainable Procurement in Australia – Edition 2019 is available on the ISO 20400 website. 

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