Victorian homebuilder Porter Davis is teaming up with solar and battery provider Bradford Energy to install Tesla Powerwall 2 systems in 50 knockdown rebuild homes in Victoria.

The 5.6kW Bradford Solar ChargePacks will see homeowners save on average $26,000 over a 10-year period and achieve 90 per cent energy self-sufficiency on an average day.

“Hardworking Australians are being hit with unprecedented rises in their electricity bills. At Bradford Energy, we are keen to be part of the solution by allowing homeowners to take their electricity generation into their own hands and reduce their bills by thousands of dollars a year,” Bradford Energy business manager Ashleigh O’Brien said.

“This partnership reflects the fact that Australia is in the midst of an energy transition and provides reassurance to homeowners that they can have the energy that they need, when they need it. Solar and battery systems can help ensure Australians enjoy secure, reliable electricity supplies, even when the grid fails.”

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