Peer to peer solar scheme
Peer to peer solar scheme

Customers will be able to sell energy peer to peer through a new trading platform launched on Thursday by Energy Locals and Enosi.

The scheme will allow users with solar enabled households to sell their excess solar energy on to other members of the platform at the rate they decide. 

Steve Hoy, Enosi’s chief executive officer, says the platform marks a “major step for the emergence of community energy schemes in Australia.”

One example of the scheme’s use was of parents with solar equipped homes sending their excess power to their children living in a non-solar equipped rental property. 

Adrian Merrick, Energy Locals’ founder and chief executive officer, says the scheme aims to introduce more transparency and control into the energy industry. 

“Some solar users feel as though they are getting ripped off when selling their power. They want to give their excess to a person and not a power company,” says Merrick.

Due to current market rules, the receiver of the energy will still have to pay roughly half the normal price to cover transport, infrastructure and environmental costs.

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