NSW Labor backs public transport over roads ahead of March election

The NSW Labor Party will support “public transport over toll roads” as it heads to a state election in March.

According to Fairfax Media, Labor plans to dump the proposed F6 road between Arncliffe and Kogarah in Sydney’s south and consider public transport options instead. 

The party was expected to hand down a “multibillion-dollar transport fund” on Thursday that prioritised public transport over toll roads.

Such a plan would contrast sharply with the Berejiklian government’s generous spending on new road infrastructure, such as the WestConnex. 

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  1. Labor’s narrative it will support “public transport over toll roads” is not the truth, the first policy decision announced was the reimplementation of “cash back” for toll roads. they are more interested in handouts to selected road users instead of a coherent construction program for public transit. They also made a bizarre and stupid promise to truncate the Southwest Metro at Sydenham ending any hope of improved rail transport in the southwest of Sydney.