From Hobsons Bay City Council:

Hobsons Bay City Council has joined with other metropolitan Victorian councils to call on the Victorian Government to use funds collected for the Municipal and Industrial Landfill levy for the purposes for which it was designed.
The purpose of the fund is to help protect the environment, foster environmentally sustainable use of resources and implement best practice waste management. 
Of the $157 million collected from the levy in 2017-18, only $30.4 million has actually been invested back in waste and resource recovery.
Mayor of Hobsons Bay Councillor Sandra Wilson said Hobsons Bay ratepayers have contributed almost $9 million to the Municipal and Industrial Landfill levy over the past nine years.
“Council will be writing to the Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change to ask that the fund be used for its original purpose and that councils receive a greater share of the funding to support our environmental and waste and recycling programs,” said Cr Sandra Wilson.
“For our considerable contributions from Hobsons Bay ratepayers we so far we have seen only a very small investment back into local waste and recycling management and sustainability initiatives in our community.
Cr Wilson said the money raised by the levy has the potential to make a huge difference in terms of strengthening our capacity to reduce, reuse and recycle waste in our community, which is what residents and ratepayers expect.
“The fund has already contributed towards some excellent initiatives, such as the introduction of flexible plastics recycling, the Cigarette Butt Litter Reduction project and My Smart Garden, but there are a number of other projects that we would like to see funded,” Cr Wilson said.
“Some of these include initiatives aimed at reducing food waste and improving organic waste management, development of a strategy to address dust, odour and noise pollution in affected areas of the municipality, and greater protection for our community, infrastructure and local flora and fauna against the effects of climate change.
“We just want to make sure that Hobsons Bay residents are reaping the benefits of their investment in this fund.”