From Heuch Engineering:

The Solar Array has been installed as part of Heuch’s state of the art facility made possible with assistance from the Federal accelerated commercialisation grant. The Solar Array will assist in the development and production of the solar power refrigeration solutions for geographically isolated communities.

Heuch’s Solar power refrigeration solutions require no fuel, generator or grid connection and are suitable for remote communities, government initiatives and disaster relief. The Solar power refrigeration solutions are easily and rapidly transportable. Once unloaded; the mobile style solar array is fully deployed and unit running in under 15 minutes.

Heuch’s work in the solar power refrigeration initiative has already earnt them the 2016 HVACR Leadership Awards, Innovator of the year.

“Our ordinary course of business, is often the extraordinary. Our team has developed a world class product that will help re-shape not only the industry, but provide a catalyst for change in the way isolated communities can improve commerce in the coming years.” – Steve Oakley, Managing Director Heuch.

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