The French get it. Their ads for cars need to say...ride a bike!

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: It’s a new year, but the only year that matters now is 2030. We’ve got just seven years to go, to get things right on climate. Well, at least to minimise the damage. Already we’ve locked in major global warming as Simon Wild underscores in an interview this week as he launches his new company after more than seven years with Lendlease. Fittingly the new gig will focus on scenarios planning for our future climate. Can there be a more urgent or critical task?

On the quality of our building regulations the proposal to namby-pamby around gentle new energy efficiency targets in the upgraded building code is beyond crazy, argues Nigel Howard in a devastating article that says we must be psychopathic to allow such weak targets to persist in the face of such urgent need… Sean Maxwell picks up the lax threads on air tightness testing in buildings, but with superior diplomacy when he says “there remains many opportunities for improvement”.

And everywhere the scientists and creatives are warning us it’s 100 seconds to midnight. Check the film, Don’t Look Up for the vibe they’re channelling.

But there is good news. Rose Petrass, our new journo focused on The Green List but working across both titles, is clearly delighted to find that the people who love Reverse Garbage and other places that recycle and reuse our existing “stuff” are on the rise. And to cap it off we reckon she might have sparked a renewed bout of admiration for the French with her story on new legislation that mandates warnings on car ads to minimise car travel, even if it’s electric. “For short trips, choose to walk or cycle” and “for day-to-day use, take public transport” the ads say.  A new law also bans short flights and requires vegetarian meals in schools. Imagine that!

So if it’s the Chinese year of the tiger, let’s channel that tiger’s energy, those teeth and that fabulous snarl. And get on with the job!
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