From ASBEC: 

The Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) welcomes the Australian Government’s announcement of a National Cities Performance Framework, which could track progress, incentivise best practice and support long-term evidence-based policy development for Australia’s major cities.

“Cities are the economic drivers of the nation, providing jobs and housing over 60 per cent of Australia’s population, along with economic, cultural and social exchange centres and a doorway to the world.” said ASBEC Executive Director, Suzanne Toumbourou. “It is vitally important that the progress of Australia’s major cities is measured and reported, to drive best practice and enable better policy making.”

  • Sustainable land-use and transport
  • Natural resources
  • Green infrastructure & ecosystem health
  • Greenhouse gas emissions

Benchmarking indicators should be developed in consultation with stakeholders and encourage public debate about city performance.

Existing, reputable rating tools such as NABERS, IS rating tool and Green Star align with many of the indicators and can be used to measure progress across a range factors.

“The proposed National Cities Performance Framework is a very good measure of the Australian Government’s commitment to more productive, sustainable and liveable cities.” said Ms Toumbourou. “ASBEC looks forward to participating in the Government’s Cities Reference Group as a positive consultation mechanism across industry, government and the community.”

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