International design firm dwp has completed its acquisition of Suters architects, following an alliance struck four years ago.

The full financial merger is being touted as the “next evolution” for the firms, which will now come together under the dwp name, and focus on the Asian market.

dwp|suters chief executive Leone Lorrimer will be the chief executive of dwp, while dwp chief executive Brenton Mauriello will become executive chairman.

“As the Australian and dynamic Asian markets become increasingly integrated, and investment flows in both directions, dwp will bring a new level of architecture and design sensibility to our clients,” Ms Lorrimer said.

“This move brings dwp’s now world-renowned design expertise to our Australian studios and expands our reach into new markets, bringing skills in hospitality design, luxury residential and tall building architecture.”

She said the merger would bring “a new Asian sensibility and creativity” to Australian design projects.

Mr Mauriello said the rise of an affluent professional class in Asia had led to a growing focus on environment, lifestyle, health and wellness.

“dwp Australia’s strong design and technical capabilities in these areas resonate well in Asia.”

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