Brief: Experts predict concrete could be the answer to creating safe spaces for humans to live and work on the moon and on Mars. This is not a joke. The strength and durability of concrete, as on Earth, lends itself well to the challenges facing both people and equipment on the moon – extreme temperatures and radiation, the experts say.

A recently conducted experiment on the International Space Station aimed to answer the question of creating the material in extraterrestrial environments under differing gravitational conditions. Initial assessment found the process could be carried out, but that there were major differences in the resulting concrete product, such as increased porosity (the presence of more open spaces).

“We confirmed the hypothesis that this can be done,” lead researcher, principal investigator, Aleksandra Radlinska said. “Now we can take next steps to find binders that are specific for space and for variable levels of gravity, from zero g to Mars g and in between.”

And the way our politicians are ignoring climate change maybe we’ll soon need such technologies.

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