From the Boomerang Alliance: Consumers who are at the centre of the NSW beverage container deposit scheme are at risk of losing their refunds because supermarkets and the NSW government are preventing convenient bottle and can refund points, the Boomerang Alliance of 42 groups has said.

“The scheme is intended to motivate consumers to recycle and achieve Mike Baird’s litter reduction target – but why would you bother if you can’t find a convenient place to get your refund? With legislation about to be introduced into Parliament, the government needs to fix this urgently,” said Dave West, national policy director of the Alliance.

“Consumers could lose up to $80 a year. Retailers sell three billion drinks a year – they are an obvious point for consumer redemption – otherwise Coles and Woolworths remain part of the litter problem. There are plenty of models for retailer engagement that could fit in with Australian conditions without imposing costs on the retailers and supermarkets.

“We are releasing research today showing the best performing schemes overseas have the best container recovery rate when retailers are integrated into the system by having collection points in or near the store. However we understand Coles and Woolworths are opposing this and ignoring the financial benefits to consumers and to retailers from consumer loyalty.

“We campaigned against Coke for years to get the scheme up – we aren’t going to stop now and Coles and Woolworths are in our sights. We are calling on our supporters, local councils and MPs to joint the campaign,” Mr West said.

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