The City of Melbourne will release its parking datasets to innovators and entrepreneurs as part of its Open Data Platform, which encourages developers, researchers and planners to use data to solve problems, assist planning and service businesses.

The data leverages the city’s 4300 in-ground parking sensors to show the availability of parking spaces from across the city, updated every two minutes.

Acting lord mayor Arron Wood said the data would be invaluable for those who need to drive into the city.

“Demand for on-street parking in Melbourne has always been high and is increasingly the case as we expand footpaths, bicycle lanes, tram stops and open space in the city,” Mr Wood said.

“Data on where and when people can get a carpark in the city is highly sought after by developers and startups to create consumer friendly apps and digital solutions. Publishing this data and making it available to the community to use in this way is a critical step to help ease congestion.

“Crucial parking data will help increase parking efficiency, cut greenhouse gas emissions, improve traffic flow, relieve stress and increase visitation to the city especially for those who can’t use other modes of transport and need to travel by car.”

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