The ACT has beaten South Australia to the punch, with households on Thursday joining together to switch on a battery (albeit virtual) the day before Elon Musk’s 100-megawatt Tesla battery is expected to go live.

Reposit Power and ActewAGL Distribution have coordinated more than 250 households in a virtual battery project that will deliver one megawatts of power.

“Today we’re proving that a virtual big battery can not only support the grid at times of peak demand, like the South Australian big battery but also empower consumers to take advantage of price spikes on the grid,” Reposit Power CEO Dean Spaccavento said.

“Households will earn $1 in ‘GridCredits’ for each kWh they discharge, which is about nine times the current available solar feed-in-tariff in Canberra.

“The advantage of creating a virtual big battery is that they can be built anywhere, homeowners across Australia can be part of it and taxpayers aren’t left with the bill.”

He said unlike the SA battery, the virtual big battery was not performing demand response, and each battery could go back to supporting the house with solar energy at night.