When the Greens’ Brisbane Council hopeful Jonathan Sri received a cease and desist letter from Star Casino regarding his spoof of their video regarding a mega-development at Queens Wharf, Mr Sri took down the video, as he had an election to focus on.

Now that he’s found himself on council, one of his first actions has been to repost the viral video, which has now clocked more than 17,000 views on Facebook.

“Now that I’m sworn in, I thought I’d repost this video about the Queens Wharf Mega-Casino. Before the election, lawyers for the casino developers sent me a cease and desist letter to scare me into taking it down, but legally I’m well within my rights to share it round (check out the parody and satire section in the Copyright Act if you’re curious),” Mr Sri wrote on Facebook.

“This huge site has so much potential and we can do a lot better than simply whacking in a big casino resort whose entire business model is parasitic and socially destructive.

“A lot of Brisbane residents seem to think the casino mega-development is now a foregone conclusion (which is exactly what the developers want us to think). But in fact there are still a few more approval processes it has to go through. I take the view that it’s not too late to stop this project (or at least achieve significant amendments to the design and the number of poker machines), but it ultimately comes down to how passionate ordinary Brisbanites feel about it and whether you’re willing to actively campaign to put the pressure on the state government.”

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