IN BRIEF: This week Bill Gates reminded us that electricity generation is not the only contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, electricity is responsible for only 25 per cent of all emissions each year.

The other 75 per cent falls into four other major categories: agriculture (24 per cent), manufacturing (21 per cent), transportation (14 per cent) and buildings (6 per cent).

The remaining 10 per cent is all other miscellaneous sources of emissions.

Mr Gates is calling for innovators to look past wind turbines and solar panels and think about technological solutions to the remaining four major sources of emissions.

”I think these grand challenges are a helpful way to think about climate change,” he wrote.

“To stop the planet from getting substantially warmer, we need breakthroughs in how we make things, grow food, and move people and goods—not just how we power our homes and cars.”

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