affordable housing

IN BRIEF: A new report into the private rental sector has found lower income renters who are not eligible for social housing are struggling to find somewhere they can afford to rent.

Based on an analysis of the 2016 census data and a separate survey of 3182 private renters, the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre report found that many lower income renters are paying well over 30 per cent of their income in rent.

In response to low affordable housing availability, the report calls for a replacement for the scrapped National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS), which delivers a supply of discounted rental accommodation.

The report also found that six in 10 renters have no other option, and that around 19 per cent of renters are in the private rental market because they have been forced out of a home they owned.

Overall, the report found that “perceptions of the private rental sector from those residing within it were actually quite positive”, particularly for those on moderate incomes.

“The landlord and tenant relationship was much better than expected and the quality of rental dwellings high,” the report stated.

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