Recognised as a leading architect, Abbie Galvin, a Principal of BVN, has been included in “Chasing the Sky: 20 Stories of Women in Architecture” that is being launched today at the Australian Institute of Architects NSW Chapter.

According to Ms Galvin “There is no ‘right’ in architecture, no perfect way to solve a problem, no correct answer.”

Having led the design of some major projects including the Royal North Shore Hospital which at the time was the biggest public works project undertaken, Ms Galvin is particularly conscious of the collaborative nature of architecture.

“Too often architecture is seen as a sole endeavour, when in fact it is mostly one of extraordinary collective participation,” she said.

“In our need to give attribution to the single genius we dangerously over simplify the creative process.”

Quoting musician Brian Eno, Ms Galvin noted that the word “Scenius” refers to the intelligence of a whole, or an operation or group of people.”

“It suggests an ecology of talent and ideas that create a quality of work more indebted to the friction between collaborators than to the work of any single artist.”

“I am continually appreciative of the intellectual, creative and technical talent that surround me,” she said.

The book “Chasing the Sky” is edited by Dean Dewhirst and published by Maven Publishing . ENDS

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