By Lyn Drummond

21 April 2011 – Ponder these questions with the Eco Innovators sustainability quiz for iPods, iPhones and iPads.

The Eco Innovators app is a quiz designed to test general environmental knowledge by navigating through three rounds of 50 multiple choice questions covering a range of topic areas.

This is a game-within-a-game. After each round a mini-game is unlocked giving users the opportunity to collect as many items as they can and score extra points before time runs out – to potentially become an Eco Innovators champion.

Eco Innovators is an environmental consultancy providing eco-design advice and life cycle assessment services. Melbourne based Leyla Acaroglu said she ran the business half as a consultancy and half as an advocacy and commutation social innovation company.

“To this end we develop educational resources and projects designed to engage and inspire people with the social and environmental issues that design, production and consumption present,” she said.  “ The sustainability quiz is one of these projects and in the past we have run the Eco Innovators Showcase Shop and the Secret Life of Things project which won a Melbourne Design award recently.

Ms Acaroglu’s background is in eco-design and social science and she has expertise in developing tools and resources that assist designers, businesses and product developers to integrate sustainability into the design and production processes.

“I am personally very passionate about sustainability in these sectors and believe that we have a great opportunity to increase efficiency and create more environmentally preferable products without compromising the social and economic aspects, “ she said.

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JouleBug:social app game for energy saving

JouleBug, a free app for the iPhone, also encourages users to learn energy-saving habits in practical, social ways.

JouleBug players earn points, pins and badges for saving energy and can compete with friends on Facebook; the Badge Genius learns a user’s habits over time and recommends new badges to work towards to make the highest impact.

JouleBug can also be linked to the user’s power company account, allowing them to see the dollar value of their energy savings from playing JouleBug.

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