27 July 2011 – Rising electricity prices will be discussed on the SBS program Insight at 7 30pm on Tuesday 2 August.

The program, Power Play, will examine why energy bills have been rising for the past five years, and if anything  can be done about it.

Guests are, Andrew Reeves, the Australian Energy Regulator. He has recently announced a review of the rules because he says problems in the system are leading to unnecessary price increases.

George Maltabarow, Managing Director of Ausgrid –  one of the largest electricity networks in Australia.

He says one of the main reasons that prices are rising is because consumers are pursuing energy intensive lifestyles.

This means networks have to spend large amounts on infrastructure to meet rising demand.

Muriel Watt, Chair of the Australian Photovoltaic Association is another guest.

She says simple changes to energy regulation, such as the right to a fair price for power which is supplied back to the grid, would make it economic for most households to install solar panels and bring down their bills.

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