17 January 2013 – Foreign Minister and former NSW premier Bob Carr dropped into Chippendale in inner city Sydney on Monday to launch Michael Mobbs’ book Sustainable Food.

Mr Carr praised Mr Mobbs for being ahead of his time and pointed out that water tanks, which he had pioneered in the area, used to be banned and were later mandated in new housing.

“Now they are part of the way we live,” Mr Carr said.

Climate change was urgent and the forecasts and warnings by experts were now proved to be true, he said.

“There are only two types of types of politicians – those who see the urgency of the environmental agenda and those who resist it.”

The looming issue now was about the deteriorating ocean quality and the continuing threat to species such as the rhinoceros and orangutans.

Much of the challenge came down to “very basic work, such as relocating the rhinos away from areas where they became contaminated with diseases from cattle.

“The devil is in the detail, and this book is a book of detail.” There was detail on composting, and how to bypass storm water drains and on the problems of trees planted too close to roads, Mr Carr said, adding that it was a highly entertaining book to read.

“Only Michael Mobbs could do this…no-one else is pushing the boundaries in this way.”

Writer David Malouf, a neighbour, said he’s seen the impact Mr Mobbs’ work on his own regular house, on the street and on the close knit community.

“Michael is always full of ideas and full of optimism that something can be done and he knows if anyone’s got to do it we’ve all got to do it. It starts in the backyard and in the street and in a community this one where everyone is very close.

“Where we have to work is in our own world and own lives, ,” Mr Malouf said.