Tim Fung, left and chief operating officer, Jono Lui

By Donna Kelly

9 August 2012 – Want to make $50? Read on.

“OK, the thing is my partner bought the wrong size mattress, a queen instead of a double. Need someone to pick up the mattress from my house in west Brunswick and exchange it for a double size mattress at the shop and deliver it back to my house again. I have already arranged it at the shop.”

This is what to expect at Airtasker – www.airtasker.com

The social marketplace matches people with home or office chores they’ve been putting off for ages with those willing to do the job for a bit of extra money.

If you can make a delivery you might earn $10, if you’re willing to get down and dirty in the garden there’s a landscaping job up for $999. If you can train a beagle pup you’ll be $25 richer and one woman desperately needs a bear coat made, complete with head, for $200 plus supplies. Don’t worry, she has photos.

Airtasker was launched by chief executive and founder Tim Fung in Sydney six months ago and has already spread to Brisbane and Melbourne.

And now the Airtasker app has become the online answer to niggly DIY jobs – along with being a nominee in the Information and Communications Technology category of the City of Sydney Business Awards.

Fung had the Airtasker idea when he got frustrated assembling flat-pack furniture.

“I knew there had to be a market out there for people like me who had everyday tasks, but neither the time nor inclination to do them,” he said.

“Airtasker connects people who are looking for help, with friendly and reliable helpers who want to earn some extra cash. We’ve had a great response so far, with thousands of tasks successfully taken care of.

“Airtasker is both fun and flexible; a way to get things done quickly, efficiently and safely, without expensive overheads such as going through a labour hire company.

“Our research shows 84 per cent of people have at least one to two admin chores sitting untouched, waiting for their attention.”

More than 20,000 people have joined Airtasker with the value of tasks posted more than $150,000.

It’s far from Fung’s first foray into the mobile or online world.

Fung was a founder and investor in mobile start-up amaysim and the founder of several web businesses including online custom designer Joe Button and motorsport events business Circuit Club.

He has worked as a consulting talent agent at Chic Management and prior to that, was an investment banking executive at Macquarie Bank and Macquarie Capital Advisors.

The City of Sydney Business Awards celebrate excellence, innovation and leadership across 22 small business categories, including small bars, retail fashion, restaurants and cafés, cultural and creative services, tourism and community and social services.

Nominations and voting close on 10 August. Finalists will be announced on 28 August with winners announced on 10 October.