29 November 2011 – Not enough high school students with a talent for maths and science are being encouraged to pursue an engineering career according to a survey by Australia Wide Personnel, following a survey by Seek this week (Monday) which showed 10 times the number of engineering jobs in Australia compared with scientific ones.

Australia’s universities in 2010 produced 61 per cent more domestic graduate scientists than engineers, the report said.

Managing director of AWP Stephen Noble said that from an employer perspective, engineering will continue to be a highly sought-after profession and will continue to be “better paid with far better career prospects.”

He said that unfortunately engineering was one of the professions that went “under the radar” and that most people did not have a great idea of what an engineer actually does and the variety of career streams available.

“Should we be opening up our minds to engineering being a mainstream elective which goes hand in hand with maths and science? “ he asks.

“Perhaps the subject could have a very practical focus with activities such as basic computer aided design drawing, working with hobby electronics kits and regular site visits to a variety of engineering offices.”