2 February 2011 – The massive US retailer Walmart  has attracted huge media attention for its stated efforts to transform its operations to a greener lower carbon profile, such as its goals to greatly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and its work with the Rocky Mountain Institute to improve the efficiency of its truck flee.

But a lengthy report from Treehugger questions the claims and says that on some measures the company is failing. On social sustainability its new stores bring with them a reputation for crushing small small businesses, a rise in the incidence of poverty in the local community, increased crime rates, and higher unemployment, not to mention predatory pricing tactics.

Its sustainability index “announced a few years ago to much fanfare and had ambitious goals, starting with a detailed questionnaire of all suppliers—but we are yet to see at least most of the goals realised (or progress towards them),” Treehugger said.

Walmart had this to say about PVC, which it originally wanted to eliminate in packaging by 2007:

In 2007, we realized we would not be able to meet our goal to eliminate PVC from our private brand packaging. However, we are making progress by: continuing to look for alternatives to PVC.

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