Eric Lumsden

7 November 2013 — Eric Lumsden has stepped down as director general of planning for the Western Australian government effective November 5 to take up the position of chair of the WA Planning Commission.

Mr Lumsden had been director general of the WA Department of Planning since 2007.

Previously, he spent 34 years in local government, with 17 years spent as a chief executive, first at the City of Swan and then the City of Melville.

Mr Lumsden was heavily involved in the planning processes associated with “Directions 2031”, planning approvals reform and other key government planning initiatives like the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority.

Projects he worked on included:

  • Master planning for Elizabeth Quay
  • The implementation of the Perth City Link for Central Perth CBD
  • High level involvement in the State Government Light Rail project
  • Advice to the panel formulating the report to the Government on Metropolitan Local Government Reform
  • The formulation of the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority and associated legislation;
  • Inaugural Chairperson of the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority

“Mr Lumsden has more than 40 years of experience in strategic and statutory planning, and his decision to accept the appointment of WAPC chair is a real win for the Western Australian planning system,” said WA planning minister John Day.

“The decision by Mr Lumsden to resign from the director general position has opened up a highly sought after role in the public sector for another high-level planning visionary and administrator.

“The Public Sector Commission will soon begin the recruitment process to fill this position.”