Chief executive of Nursery and Garden Industry Australia Robert Prince.

20 November 2013 — A national initiative has been launched that aims to increase urban green space by 20 per cent by 2020.

The 202020 Vision is a collaboration between government and the academic and private sectors, and is hoping to improve productivity, as well as environmental and societal outcomes.

The initiative works through four steps:

  • Bringing together a network of people and organisations, from  industry and government, who support more green spaces
  • Working with supporters to identify Australia’s finest green space projects then map, measure, research and publicise them
  • Creating an environment where projects can be used as a learning resource
  • Encouraging councils, developers and communities to plant more trees and create bigger and better green spaces

“We know our cities need more green spaces, as they’re good for our health, productivity, keeping cities cool and reducing pollution,” said 202020 Vision partner and chief executive of Nursery and Garden Industry Australia Robert Prince.

“Urban heat islands, poor air quality, lack of enjoyable urban community areas are all poor outcomes when green spaces aren’t incorporated into new developments and large scale building projects.”

Currently the initiative has over 20 advocates who are leaders within their fields (including Josh Byrne, Curtin University’s Professor Peter Newman and CBRE head of sustainability Amanda Steele), 50 partner organisations committed to the vision, and 40 projects throughout Australia.

At present, there is over three million square metres of green space counted by the initiative.

Some noteworthy projects involved in the 202020 Vision include Darling Quarter by Aspect Studios, the Chippendale Green at Sydney’s Central Park by Frasers and Sekisui House, the Mini Urban Forest Fawkner Park by the City of Melbourne, and the Perth Cultural Centre Urban Orchard by Josh Byrne and Associates.

Projects can sign their urban green space projects up for free on the 202020 Vision site.

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