Deb Noller

23 September 2013 — Switch Automation has released the first in a series of information sessions on the intersection between innovation, technology a property.

The Technology Tipping Point #1: Disruptive Technologies features three domain experts who speak for 20 minutes in an attempt to impart knowledge of technology trends in the property industry.

First up is building technology strategist Bruce Duyshart from Meld Strategies, who gives an overview of the technology landscape and identifies emerging areas of innovation and opportunity.

Next is chief executive of Switch Automation Deb Noller, talking big data and the cloud. How will it affect the property business, and how can it be done cost effectively?

Finishing the seminar is chief executive of Cundall Simon Wild, who speaks on the next evolution of property – from green to sustainable. Simon looks at new methodologies and processes of defining and measuring our progress in the ecological model.

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