8 March 2011 – Updated 25 March 2011 – According to an article by  Shane Scanlan in Docklands News, the election of a new state government in Victoria and the resignation of VicUrban Pru Sanderson in December may signal some “significant changes for Docklands – particularly in the area of planning.”

According to the article: “Docklanders can expect to see VicUrban merged into a new urban renewal authority and they can expect to see the precinct rapidly expanded to the north, with the E-Gate project gaining increased significance.

“And under the new Baillieu Government, the City of Melbourne will have more influence on the future of Docklands.

“In an interview with Docklands News, Planning Minister Matthew Guy outlined broadly that inner urban renewal would be managed by the new authority. The specifics of the new authority are yet to be announced, but it is understood that a specific business unit would look after Docklands and the E-Gate area to its north.”

The article also said that, “VicUrban assumed development responsibility for Docklands following the merger of the Docklands Authority and the Urban and Regional Land Corporation in 2003. VicUrban has been without a chairperson since former chairman Tony Darvall left the post last July. In December, its CEO Pru Sanderson resigned.”  Read the whole story

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