Nav Brah

19 April 2013 – Here’s a plumb job. The University of Sydney’s campus infrastructure and services team is looking for a new member to bolster the challenge it has in managing one of Sydney’s biggest property portfolios.

According to the engineering and sustainability manager, Nav Brah, the team manages 300 buildings “in all forms and shapes” and some depending on their use, can be very high energy consumers. “Specialist high end research laboratories by their nature end up being very energy intensive,” Mr Brah pointed out. The energy needs to be managed and reduced.

The team currently comprises a total of six staff split between engineers and sustainability professionals. Mr Brah strides both side of the professional divide. He said the job is to replace a team member who has left to pursue further study but the opportunity has been taken to expand the role.

The role will involve sustainability and related strategies, managing standards, policies, procedures, reports and initiatives, help to drive efficiencies. It also requires direct engagement and communications with staff and students.

Salary will range from $103,000 to $110,000.

Details are available here