12 June 2013 — California’s Leyden Energy has been awarded a US $2.28 million contract from the United States Advanced Battery Consortium to develop an advanced lithium-ion 12-volt battery system to meet or exceed the performance, light and cost targets set by group, reports Autobloggreen.

USABC is a consortium group made up of Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. The award to Leyden was also funded in part by the US Department of Energy.

Meanwhile, Concurrent Technologies Corporation has been awarded a US$15 million increase on an existing Air Force Research Laboratory contract. The US$15 million award established CTC as the lead design and integration organisation on the Department of Defense Plug-In Electric Vehicle Program. The contract was initially awarded in June 2009 and had a capital ceiling value of US$98 million. The ceiling was raised to US$113 million so CTC can continue to work on technologies that will help US Air Force reduce and eliminate toxic and hazardous chemicals, materials and waste streams, while improving energy efficiency and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

And Applied Natural Gas Fuels has entered into a long-term supply agreement with the Orange County Transportation Authority to provide liquefied natural gas to its fleet of 282 LNG buses. The contract calls for the producer and distributor of natural gas to provide OCTA with an average of 400,000 gallons of LNG per month for the two fueling stations OCTA owns and operates.

Finally, Fuel Tech has announced the receipt of four air pollution control contracts in China, along with multiple engineering and modelling projects in the US. These awards and projects have an aggregate value of about US$3.3 million. The technology company, which specialises in air pollution control, received two awards from existing customers in China for large-sized coal-fired units that are being retrofitting with NOx reduction technology. A contract was also received from an existing industrial customer in China for Fuel Tech’s Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction systems on multiple small coal-fired boilers and from a new Chinese utility customer for a small coal-fired boiler.

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