Brian Head

15 November 2012 — The University of Queensland’s Institute for Social Science Research is seeking two research fellows to join its policy analysis and sustainability programs.

The research fellows will be required to work across a range of policy and sustainability projects and be involved in the Institute’s Policy Analysis Program and Sustainability and Environment Program led by Professor Brian Head.

Professor Head said the first appointment would focus on issues concerning how social science research influenced the policy process and adds social value in Australia.

“The aim of this research is to address how to measure and assess the current and potential impacts and significance of social research, in the light of pressures upon universities to demonstrate relevance and value for external stakeholders,” Professor Head said.

The second appointment would focus on urban water policy and the challenges of developing better governance for transitions towards more sustainable cities in Australia, he said.

“This work program is largely funded through the Cooperative Research Centre for Water-Sensitive Cities, which is a very large consortium of water industry organisations, government departments and universities,” Professor Head said.