16 September 2013 — The University of Sydney is launching its interdisciplinary Sydney Environment Institute on 17 September.

The SEI will bring together some of Australia’s leading sustainability thinkers across a broad spectrum of disciplines to seek innovative solutions to climate change and other global environmental problems.

The SEI will conduct research bringing together historians, marine biologists, environmental scientists, veterinarians, urban planners, and other researchers across the university’s 16 faculties in pursuit of integrated knowledge and action on global ecological issues, including climate change, food security, cultural studies and sustainable business.

“Any hopes of tackling climate change will require such broad thinking, combining both scientific approaches and a keen awareness of how human societies need to adapt to our warming world,” says SEI co-director Professor Iain McCalman.

“We need to face up to how best we can live in this extraordinarily changing world, which is changing faster than any of us realise.

“What can we do to live with these changes, to make something good and positive out of these forces we cant stop? That’s our mission.”

In one of the first events co-presented by the Institute on Wednesday 25 September, internationally renowned environmental campaigner Dr David Suzuki will deliver the public lecture The Challenge of the 21st Century: Setting the Real Bottom Line at the University of Sydney’s Great Hall.

Event details here.

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