The Greenbuild 2013 conference

3 December 2013 — Greenbuild, the largest green building conference in the world, recently wrapped up in Philadelphia in the US.

The star studded event featured a keynote speech from political rockstar Hillary Clinton, and a performance by regular rockstar Bon Jovi.

The main news of the US Green Building Council’s conference was the launch of the updated Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design rating tool – LEED v4.

However, also showcased during the event were innovative new technologies that aim to make attaining green buildings easier.

Website Inhabitat has listed its top 10 innovations from Greenbuild:

  • US company Internorm has created a triple pane glazing system, where the glass extends to the edge of the frame, creating a product with excellent insulative properties
  • Foamglas has created an insulation board with an R value of 3.4, which can isolate the thermal bridge in areas no other product can be used
  • 475 has an array of air membranes and sealing tape with non-toxic acrylic adhesives to seal walls and windows
  • Air Pohoda is an energy efficient energy recovery ventilator with a 92 per cent efficiency rate for heat exchange, and an intelligent humidity system to control indoor moisture
  • Another ERV was from Zehnder, whose Novus 300 has a 95 per cent efficiency rate
  • New insulation products were presented by Ecocative, whose Myco Foam is made out of mushrooms and fibers like hemp, with the raw materials costing less than traditional materials and able to be sourced close to manufacturing points
  • Cork products are also getting traction, with an insulation product called Thermacork, which is sustainably made and has an R-4 rating, and can also be used as a facade
  • Greenwalls brought beauty to, well, green walls, and showcased an array of indoor thriving plants that can reduce CO2, improving indoor air quality
  • Big Ass Fans showcased their latest big ass fan, the Haiku, which features integrated, dimmable LEDs, and uses only around 2-30 watts
  • Finally, a solar canopy for electric cars to charge on the go – the Renewz Solar Powered Carport – finished off the top 10

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