Simran Sethi

17 June 2013 — Simran Sethi has been named a “top-ten eco-hero of the planet” by UK’s Guardian. In this video, the journalist, sustainability strategist and educator talks about the psychology of sustainability, why the message often falls through, and what we need to do to make it stick.

Sethi says that climate change is gaining momentum, but mainly because “the abstract has become tangible”.

“Something that was once far away, that once seemed to only affect polar bears and residents of Tuvalu, now impacts our neighbours,” she said during a One Great Idea speech.

Sethi says we have a finite pool of worry – there’s only so much we can care about. So sustainability issues must be close to us emotionally or physically in a context we can understand.

In order to advance sustainability, Sethi says, we have to change the way we engage and tell different stories – ones that encourage communion and inspire visions of a world we want now.

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