19 June 2012 – Professors Ray Wills and Peter Newman stirred up a hornet’s nest with their recent article in The Conversation that King Coal has been dethroned.

But they have hit back at critics with new evidence that their argument is correct, in yet another article on the website.

The authors say a new report now released by the Australian PV Association reveals a total of 837 MW of photo voltaics was installed in Australia in 2011, capacity not considered in the [previous] Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics’ publication.

“.. we find solar delivered an amazing 25 per cent of new installed capacity in Australia in 2011. Revised proportions for the other generation is gas 29 per cent, wind 33 per cent and coal 14 per cent. Renewables added a remarkable 58 per cent of all electricity generation capacity in Australia in 2011.

“King Coal is well and truly on the way out. What’s more, renewables now make up over half of all new power being generated in Australia.”

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